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The club’s main objective is to establish a knowledge base society at COSMOS in the field of ICT and enhance students professional as well as academic skill during their study.

  • To boost student involvement in the ICT department, which would also assist them to improve their academic achievement.
  • To broaden college’s perspective and experience in the field of information and technology.
  • To conduct various kinds of training/boot camp programs inside the college.
  • To create an internship opportunity for students who are interested in learning more about a particular line of employment.
  • To introduce various kinds of programs within the campus.
  • Organize and encourage students to take part in various idea-generating programs.
  • To collaborate with research laboratories and companies for project development and research & innovation.

ICT Club will abide by these rules, as well as club members are required to do the same

  • ICT club members can only be from the ICT student department.
  • There shouldn't be any kind of misuse in the name of a club, whether inside or outside the college premises.
  • Any activity related to politics or in the name of any political party/association will not be accepted.
  • All club members should obey the guidelines given by the college.
  • Fully obey college rules/regulations to establish academic excellence in the college.
  • If any of these rules are broken, the club in line with college will have appropriate punishment/penalty that may affect an individual's professional career.
  • Two members as class representatives will be selected from each class.
  • Individual involvement in a group is considered as a key point for committee formation.
  • For committee members, each member should be technically or academically sound with strong communication and leadership skills.
  • Representatives are selected with coordination of the final batch.
  • The Department of ICT has the power of decision making in the committee formation process.

Every student who is accepted as a team member of ICT club must:

  • Believe in triple D “Discipline, Dedication, and Determination”.
  • Have a sense of respect towards each other inside the club, faculties, administration and friends.
  • Compliance with applicable laws,regulations and other internal policies.
  • Bear responsibility to fully, fairly and accurately involve in each program conducted by ICT.
  • Compliance with applicable laws,regulations and other internal policies.
  • Maintain transparency and visibility in each aspect of cosmos ICT.
  • Act ethically and responsibly.

  • When necessary and if possible, the college shall be able to provide necessary resources according to the demands of the club.
  • Support from the side of college should be provided when necessary.
  • Supervisors/teachers should be assigned specifically for this club.
  • Expertise in the field of information and communication technology (ICT) should be offered as needed in various programs if possible.
  • The department has the right to dismiss the position of representative in case of false conduct.
  • If the misunderstandings persist, the department has the authority to remove the entire panel, and the senior batch can participate in the formation of a new panel.

ICT Cosmos

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Dr. Pawan Kr. Bhattarai



Dr. Babu R.Dawadi

Vice Principal


Bibek Ropakheti

HOD, IT & Computer Engineering


Frequently Asked Questions

  • ICT club's sole goal is to help students progress academically overall. This club's primary objective is to perform a variety of ICT related programs.

  • ICT club members are students from Cosmos College's ICT department. Additional information is available under Committee Formation in the About Us section.

  • No, ICT does not bear any work related to the name of political parties.

  • Yes, it is a club formed by the students of ICT department under the supervision of faculty members.


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